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and other aspects of fit out industry


We will do the hard work for you…

 It’s hard to redesign your interior considering the correct  shape, size and colors of new furniture and fittings. And that’s after you’ve chosen your paint and identified how you’ll implement your branding!

We at MEI ACACIA can provide you with a complete interior refit and refurbishment services that can be carried out on your behalf and to your complete specification. 


Four things you need to know about work place interior design…

• Open plan work areas can result in more employee stress, sick days and reduced productivity.

• Ergonomic furniture has been proven to improve employee performance by 10 to 15% 

• The prime factor which affects employee productivity is lighting in the office.

• The color of a work area can affect the mood and productivity of staff.


Our refit and refurbishment services can help you improve them…

• The negative impression of an open plan work areas don’t mean you should resort to intimidating cubicles. An  interior        refurbishment can incorporate things like glass partitions to allow for continuity and collaboration. 

• An interior refurbishment gives you the chance to replace older, uncomfortable furniture with ergonomic alternatives that won’t       cause distracting aches and pains.

• Refurbishing an existing workspace means you can experiment with where best to place furnishings and fittings, to maximize       the circulation of refreshing natural light. 

• A new paint can do wonders that will best suit to your business and workforce.


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